Famous American scientist, lecturer and communicator of physics Lou Bloomfield has found a way to teach physics in exciting and understandable way
Steve Kaufmann: how to become a polyglot
Is it possible to avoid dementia? James E. Galvin on how it can be done.
Insects: the food of the future
Secrets of a private preserve
Business in friendship with nature: why Shubendu Sharma and his company ‘Afforestt’ plants forests around the world
Startups on a conveyor. Why and how does it work?
Peter Cook, Becky Northey and their fascinating art of Pooktre
Unbelievably beautiful wild nature through the lens of German filmmaker Oliver Goetzl
Board games in light of the history of human civilization. How experts reconstruct lost rules of ancient games.
Denis Urubko, one of the best mountaineers in the world, speaks about making decisions in extreme situations
One of the leading educators of the USA Esther Wojcicki talks about her own method of teaching
Who makes money off e-sports and how
Finnish educator and entrepreneur Santeri Koivisto, the man who turned Minecraft into successful educational product
Tough destiny of Russian innovations, or how the Romelt technology was created
21st Century Skills: the new reality in education. Patrick Griffin speaks about a new global education research project.
On universities’ place in the system of innovative development
The strategic culture of India – a symbiosis of Gandhi’s idealism and Kautilya’s realism
The movement for growing food on rooftops of urban buildings picks up momentum
Khan Academy. How big projects start small
Preparing colonists: where the margin of human capacity ends
The ecology of the brain, or how to stay healthy until old age
Breaking stereotypes: concrete ships, paper armor and some other unexpected uses of common materials
Did you know that business games were not invented at the capitalist West but in the Soviet Union? Read about how it happened
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