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"We're here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?"
by Steve Jobs

We live in a very uncertain world. And this uncertainty becomes evident in everything - ideology, behavior, activities, world-views and in a way we think.

Uncertainty gives birth to diffidence, devaluation of life values and their replacement with the pure mercantile interests. Therefore this world needs its own heroes - the people who are capable to overcome ordinary limits by finding support in themselves and demonstrate the possibility to recover certainty in this manner.

But our Hero is not a mad scientist or a poet who thinks of something sublime that makes him asocial and inadequate in current situation. No, that's not true.

Our Hero is a person who has a huge set of overlapped opportunities and can catch the only one way of action and behavior, based on his internal aspirations. This way will lead him to the most beneficial result, which will be positive to the surrounding society too (colleagues, clients, officials, friends and family members).

Ability to find a tower of strength in himself is the crucial character reference of our Hero. The major point of his behavior is the ability to mobilize his powers and bring to life the new way of action and make it real.

Our Hero is not afraid of discrepancy between his conception and things that come out in real live. He risks, but his internal confidence and comprehension of challenges as well as his readiness to fight allows him to achieve success.

But if your ultimate goal is profit-making at any cost then we go different ways. Money for our Hero may be one of the ways to display human power and ability to realize certain conception.

Our Hero is not an entrepreneur occupying an established market niche and dreaming of profit. He try to build a long-term community project's scheme and undertake an internal effort to make up the new way of action. He can step beyond his own limits and already mastered things. He is able to change work methods, forms of communication and the ways of action. He is not afraid of being another man and taking a step to the new world. He is a Homo Ludens who plays with everything: the world, the fate and his own destiny. is a project that attempt to find such people and tell the rest about them.