Is it possible to avoid dementia? James E. Galvin on how it can be done.
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Secrets of a private preserve
Business in friendship with nature: why Shubendu Sharma and his company ‘Afforestt’ plants forests around the world
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Managing a dream. You only need the desire
The idea of creating free social space that would make everyone feel at home in it has become a successful business project
Anatoliy Prokhorov on educational animation
Perfection in miniature. We talk to the world champions in jet modeling, the Russian team RUSJET
Theo Jansen. An engineer who created life
“Nature is my god. The forest is my church.” Finnish ornithologist Pertti Saurola speaks about his lifetime project – the protection of wild nature
This is incredibly awesome, and that includes everything from the idea to its implementation. A museum that is a true work of engineering art
3D mechanics or a fresh approach to robotics. A St. Petersburg scientist creates a mechanical civilization
We might be the last generation that will have to face senility
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Shen Wenrong: “We are actually living in paradise.”
Development parks: the project that breaks a lot of stereotypes about modern Russian education and business
In the future we will not have to go to hospitals anymore, says the leading American investor in biotechnology Steve Burrill
On why we need the colonization of Mars and why this problem is the main engineering challenge in our talk with American engineer Robert Zubrin
Ron Finley, gangster gardener
Few people believe in “electric cars in Russia”. Nevertheless this subject has gained enough momentum
Expedition as an instrument of education aimed at constructing an understanding of the world around
Protecting birds of prey at the very top of the ecological pyramid is an important sustainable development task
Mobile real estate: the 1940s technologies of moving buildings are still impressive
The businessman who builds roads, schools and kindergartens
How to train new chief designers? Modern technologies in engineering education
One of the most dramatic man-made disasters of the American continent in the 20th century: the collapse of the Quebec Bridge
Todmorden, England, is a great example of how many things can be achieved when people cooperate and think about the future. A DIY eco-city
Watchmaker Valentin Yerofeyev not only single-handedly develops and makes watches but also designs the machines he needs in his work
A large project that may boost the development of Russia
We usually associate the subject of eco-building with the West. But now Russia has experts in this field too
Uniting competencies of two universities
An educational initiative of a Kazan enthusiast: schoolchildren learn to build rockets and nanosatellites. Interview with Igor Grigoryev
A true master of folk craft is still in demand even in the era of high technology. Interview with Sergey Fedorov
New methods of innovative activity being introduced in Leonardo da Vinci’s homeland: networking architectures