The strategic culture of India – a symbiosis of Gandhi’s idealism and Kautilya’s realism
Preparing colonists: where the margin of human capacity ends
Breaking stereotypes: concrete ships, paper armor and some other unexpected uses of common materials
Did you know that business games were not invented at the capitalist West but in the Soviet Union? Read about how it happened
Examples from history: unorthodox business solutions that were successful
Is India capable of jumping ahead of China and does this country even want that?
Perfection in miniature. We talk to the world champions in jet modeling, the Russian team RUSJET
We might be the last generation that will have to face senility
About German industrialists, the dynasty of Krupps and Thyssens
We talk about the history of alloyed steel, or steel with additives
One’s own engineer: engineering in fab lab format
Mobile real estate: the 1940s technologies of moving buildings are still impressive
The legacy of Soviet research and development in power transmission
One of the most dramatic man-made disasters of the American continent in the 20th century: the collapse of the Quebec Bridge
A global project of reviving the Silk Road was started in the 1990s. Why do we need this ancient route today?
The new lifestyle is sustainable cities, or eco-cities that are created in many countries of the world today
Scientific centers: Russian Electrotechnical Institute
Education: new tools
There are many ways of making science more popular. One of the most efficient of them is organizing a science festival
A unique project focusing on unique people: Da Vinci – The Genius, a portable display with a stop in Kazan